Tales of a RPG Maker – Introduction

Hello and welcome to the very first “Tales of a RPG Maker”.

Right now I’m sure you’re full of questions like “what the hell is this?”, “how did I get here?”, and “why are my pants wet?”.

What the hell is this?

The game making game.

This is a weekly post containing a progress update of a man with a dream – a dream to make a complete RPG using the RPG Maker VX program.

I purchased and reviewed RPG Maker VX during the hazy, crazy days of 2011 and while I enjoyed tinkering and creating my own little world I never came even close to making anything that could be considered a complete game.

This diary will hopefully provide me with the motivation to do just that and hopefully a fun little RPG will be the result.

I’d also like to think that this diary will provide excellent feedback for the makers of RPG Maker so that they continue to improve their product.

How did I get here?

Well when a man and a woman love each other very much they get together and…oh, you mean this page? I don’t know…Google?

Why are my pants wet?

For your sake I hope it’s because you’ve spilt your drink. If not, seek proper medical counsel.

The Game

  • While I’ve never undertaken a task like this before I have played more than my fair share of RPGs. I want to create a fine example of just what can be achieved with a little (or a lot) of time and the RPG Maker program.
  • I will be using the following guidelines while making the game.
  • I will only use tile sets (sprite graphics) that are included in RPG Maker VX – no customisation whatsoever. This will show what can be done using RPG Maker VX without any complicated modifications. If I can do it, anyone can do it.
  • The game will include side quests that are not necessary to carry out to complete the game.
  • There will be several continents each containing a variety of cities, towns, dungeons and characters.
  • Each NPC will have at least one unique line of dialogue.
  • When the game starts to take shape I will be asking for Beta testers who will be picked as a prize in what could be one of the worst prizes offered for winning a competition ever.
  • The game I make will be free to download upon completion.

How You Can Support This Project

If you enjoy the ongoing saga that is Diary of a RPG Maker and want to throw a little love our way we would greatly appreciate it.

The best way to support us is to tell any friends who would be interested in such a project about this diary. Hell, tell your enemies too. The more eyeballs on Diary of a RPG Maker the better. It’s extremely motivating to see thousands of visitors and comments.

Help spread the message by posting links to Diary of a RPG Maker to Twitter, Facebook, Digg, StumbleUpon and whatever other social network you’re a part of. Don’t forget to mention us on your favourite forums too. ;)

If you’d like to buy RPG Maker VX and make your very own RPG then please use the link below – it won’t cost you any extra and it means we get a little money to help support Gamers Corner.

Click here to buy RPG Maker VX!

  • AngelKat

    I’m looking forward to reading your diary &, hopefully, many witty remarks.


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