Tales of a RPG Maker – Week 3

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Week 3 of the RPG Maker project is upon us and I’ve been spending yet another week creating game locations…and I still have many more to make.

The icy labyrinth...of doom!

I started the week by creating a few dungeons. This can be done very quickly thanks to the “Generate Dungeon” feature where you choose the visual tiles and then a labyrinth like dungeon is randomly created based on that look.

As you can see by the picture on the right, the dungeon is very maze like and will house a group of ice-based enemies that I’ve yet to create (enemy creations comes much later). Wouldn’t it be handy to have a character well versed in fire magic?

Speaking of which I also started work on creating the inside of the homes of some characters (both playable and NPC).

Orion's home. Mind the cracks.

Where dungeon design is extremely quick and simple creating houses takes a little more effort. There is no “Generate House” option which is a shame as it seems I will now be spending a good few weeks creating houses and trying to make each one unique as possible.

One area where RPG Maker VX is lacking is in household decorations – there are only really a couple of types of carpeting for example. It won’t be easy to make every house look different and it will no doubt be quite time consuming as my eye for detail and perspective is slow and poor.


More About The Characters

Last week I revealed the classes of the characters and promised a little more information on each of them. Well my pants aren’t on fire so here are the character bios for the main party.

Orion Ashmore (Black Mage) - Orion is very serious and studious and doesn’t seem to enjoy much in life. He spends most his time trying to acquire books from which he can gain new knowledge and spells. He is called to action by the Royal Mystic of Derwent who sends him on a quest to gather a party to investigate the causes of disturbing visions she has had. Orion is the main protagonist of the game.

Annika Morgan (White Mage) – Annika is the day to Orion’s night. She’s light hearted, fun and always happy to help people. She often tries to get Orion to lighten up with varying degrees of success.

Jack Rayder (Thief) – Jack lives amongst the shadows, or more accurately a cave where he helps to look after those who society has abandoned by stealing from the rich. A modern day Robin Hood without the tights. Jack has a fear of black magic ever since he lost his eye to a fireball while attempting a heist.

Pandora Nyxx (Dark Knight) - Pandora is a dark, brooding character but one of the strongest knights in the world. She gave up fighting after realising she had been lied to by her King and had been used to rid a village of innocent people. She now lives alone in the woods protecting them from any intruders.

Henry “Pugshuffle” Paxton (Grappler) – Henry was once one of the finest wrestlers of his generation but age caught up to him and he now spends his time inventing machines. He’s still bitter than he never got a shot to win the World Grapple Championship and tends to take it out on those around him.


Competition Time!

I’ve come to the realisation that with each town having four or five houses that there will be quite a number of townsfolk that will need naming. This is where I’m calling on you to come up with some memorable names for the NPCs of the world. They can be funny, smutty or just plain damned cool. Just leave a comment with your suggestion at the end of this article.

The best names (as judged by me) will be included in as various townsfolk in Shades of Grey: Demon Uprising (working title).

That’s all for this week. Be sure to check in next Friday for more map building and various ramblings from yours truly!

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  • Efraken

    Looks like fun.

  • Jackdaw

    Erwin Lubrecht is my suggestion.

    I notice you’re using the VX version. I’ve been playing around with the new Ace version (I believe it launched en masse a few days ago) – and that problem you’re coming up with for the mountains and desert?

    Ace completely fixes that. And you’re able to import custom sprites and tiles too.

    I’m not quite sure if VX has that same capability, so I thought I’d drop that by. If you can import custom tile/sprites, then I highly recommend it.

    And as for house items, if you’re looking for more stuff, I suggest checking out RPG Maker’s forums. Lots of people are posting free-to-use tiles, and some are even completing art requests for would-be game designers.

    • http://www.gamerscorner.co.uk Gamers Corner

      I’ll make a note of Erwin Lubrecht ;)

      I’ve just downloaded the trial version of VX Ace myself and have been playing around with it. It does look like it fixes a lot of the issues I have with VX.

      I’m actually trying to create this game using *only* the tilesets that come with the game. I don’t understand why there couldn’t have been double the amount that there is in VX although I hear there is more in VX Ace…however the trial doesn’t show whether that is true or not.

      Thanks for your feedback!


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