Tales of a RPG Maker – Week 5

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Home sweet home?

First things first (that’s usually the best place for them unless you’re Quentin Tarantino), I have a confession to make. I’ve done very little work on the project this week for a couple of reasons. First of all I’ve been messing around on the trial for RPG Maker VX Ace (more on that later). Secondly I made the mistake of buying Tekken 6, Little Big Planet 2, and Fight Night Champion and while I’ve found Tekken to be a bit of a miss LBP2 and Fight Night Champion are both incredibly addictive in their own ways. Together they’ve taken up a lot of my spare time this week.

What I have been doing on RPG Maker VX though is more townhouse creation as you can see by the pictures that decorate this article. I set about wanting to make each house as unique as possible but this is quickly becoming a real chore due to the lack of different decorations. There’s only two kinds of carpet, a couple of stone floors which don’t really look like they’d belong in a house, and two types of floor tiles for kitchens. There’s also no kind of bathroom graphics…so each character in Shades of Grey: Demon Uprising has to do their business in a bucket. Not very dignified although since this is a world in which Kings rule from their castles it does give the game a more authentic feel I suppose.

Double the buckets, double the pleasure?

Anyway, due to the lack of progress this week I won’t be posting a demo since I’ve still got to create the insides of Derwent’s castle to complete the first town of the game. For the record my plan for the order of creating this game is locations > story > side quests > weapons, armor, and items > enemies so after I complete the locations my work rate should pick up a little as I find storytelling a lot more interesting than map making.

The RPG Maker VX Ace Trial

My main issue with RPG Maker VX has been the lack of tiles and the fact that there’s even a limit on the amount of sprites you can import. While RPG Maker VX Ace does allow an unlimited amount of tilesets to be imported, this isn’t really shown off in the trial as you are given two tilesets (three less than are in RPG Maker VX) and you’re not allowed to import new ones to test out the feature. The new tiles that have been added do look much better however since so few are shown it really is hard to judge.

Other than the tilesets I don’t really see any improvement from VX to VX Ace. I was hoping that writing dialogue would have been made easier as when you write dialogue currently the words don’t wrap around to the next line, instead they just disappear off the screen. That hasn’t been changed which means when you write dialogue you have to guess at where the line break is and keep testing every line of dialogue to make sure it isn’t being cut off.

Based on the trial I don’t think RPG Maker VX Ace is worth the £80 that they are charging for it. RPG Maker VX is half that price and, other than the additional tilesets, doesn’t seem much worse. I think RPG Maker VX Ace perhaps should have been offered to current VX users for an additional £15 or so. It seems a little unfair to make loyal customers pay such a large amount for a small upgrade. If a lot of big changes had been made I would have been fine with the price but for the few improvements that have been made I don’t feel it’s worth the price.


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