When Games Are Just Wrong

Recently, when I’ve been spending my hard earned cash on games, I’ve been agonising over whether I should buy the (usually) cheaper physical versions of the game, or the more convenient, but more expensive, digital counterparts. More often than not, the digital ones have won, and my latest purchase was FIFA 13, which is definitely cheaper as a disc, but this was a purchase of convenience and made me feel like Rockefeller for a day! Firing the game up, I was greeted by screens of new features which I didn’t really watch, then went onto career mode. After a small amount of wheeling and dealing, I found a player, a little old, but free (the price was right. I like a good bargain, a.k.a. I’m a tight-arse!). With the deal completed, I was confronted by this screen:

£0 is too much! I have much to learn!

£0 is too much! I have much to learn!

Now either football pundits are getting less intelligent, or more likely, the game spits out same sort of comments for any player of a certain age, regardless of price paid. Obviously, all games have mistakes that aren’t picked up by developers/Alpha testers/Beta testers, etc, so I’m hoping that some of you good people out there will have noticed some mistakes that you would be willing to share with us. If we get enough responses then I will compile a Top 5 game mistakes, with the top entry being put in the Gamers Corner Hall of Fame.

P.S. If possible include a screenshot of the mistake.

  • Martin Brentnall

    The real story here is that people are stupid enough to pay MORE for a digital version of game. I always wondered who was actually doing that; thanks for revealing yourself.


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