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Sleeping Dogs Trailer

If you’re not already salivating at the forthcoming Sleeping Dogs, then Square Enix have been raising pulse rates with a new trailer. Full of car chases, martial arts and gun play, this launch trailer looks like the perfect way to introduce the game for the last time before release. Sleeping Dogs is due to be released on the 17th August for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Nintendo Says “Let’s Play Xenoblade Chronicles”

Nintendo have announced the opening of a YouTube channel for its hot hand game Xenoblade Chronicles.

The channel will feature seven “Let’s Play” videos of Xenoblade Chronicles. These won’t be traditional Let’s Plays though as they will be focusing on gameplay rather than story. It is expected hat you will be able to watch these videos before buying the game without any major spoilers.

We will be showing these on Gamers Corner, however they won’t go under the “Let’s Play” category as this is being reserved for our own videos. Bookmark this page and we will add new videos as they arrive.

New Skyrim Gameplay Footage

The following Skyrim footage was shot at Quakecon on August 5th.

Skip to the five minute mark to get to the actual gameplay footage.

Saints Row: The Third Story Trailer

There’s no Hulk Hogan in the trailer yet but here’s the latest preview for Saint’s Row: The Third.

Final Fantasy VII Remake In Stop Motion

While Final Fantasy VII fans (and I’m one of them) eagerly await a remake of their favourite game here is the next best thing …a seven minute remake of Final Fantasy in stop motion animation!

Taiwanese John Huang spent 2 months of his time taking over 10,000 pictures of his Final Fantasy toys, or as they can now truthfully be called – action figures. It might not be the complete remake fans are looking for but it’s still pretty impressive in its own way.

You can watch the fruit of John’s labours as Cloud does battle with Sephiroth below.