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Battlefield 3 Weapon Customization Revealed

YourGamingTeam have released a series of three videos looking at how the weapon customizations system will work in Battlefield 3.

These videos include in-menu weapon customization AND in-game footage. Check out the videos to take a look for yourself.

Modern Warfare 3 Breaking UK Pre-Order Records

Judging by pre-orders, Modern Warfare 3 is going to be the best selling game in the Call of Duty franchise thus far.

That is according to UK retailers Game who say they expect Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 to break the record for pre-orders and become the biggest selling game of all-time.

“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 pre-orders are already tracking significantly ahead of Call of Duty: Black Ops at the same time last year.” GAME Group MD Tom Devine said.

“We know that the Call of Duty brand and franchise has the most amazing fan-base and we’ve got some great surprises lined up for those who pre-order with us. We’re looking forward to an incredible launch on November 8th.”

This may quash the rumours that Battlefield 3 was out performing Modern Warfare 3 in pre-orders and allow Activision to hold their heads up after the recent news that modernwarfare3.com was redirecting visitors to battlefield3.com. Although modernwarfare3.com now displays the video below.

EA Purchases Modern Warfare 3 Domain

EA dropped a dirty bomb on Activision today with the purchase of the domain www.modernwarfare3.com. When you type that address into your browser it will automatically re-direct you to www.battlefield.com/battlefield3.

This is another kick in the teeth for Activision after news broke that Battlefield 3 is outselling Modern Warfare 3 so far in pre-order sales.

Despite this aggressive advertising move Battlefield 3 producer Patrick Bach claims that there is no fight between Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3.

“Everyone wants there to be a fight between us – and I understand that – but the problem is if you say it’s a ‘fight,’ you’re assuming you’re competing at the same sport. We have so many things in our game that aren’t a part of Modern Warfare, so it really comes down to personal preference. You choose based on the depth you want, the maturity level, your own personal taste… it’s all about how you get your fix.”

Maybe Patrick Bach is right. This isn’t a fight – it’s a war!