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Final Fantasy VII Released Today

Any PC owner looking for an RPG fix will be pleased to hear that Square Enix have re-released Final Fantasy VII. Available from today, the download only game is only available from the Square Enix store and comes with achievements, an option to make your characters stronger for those harder battles, and cloud storage (no pun intended) support all for the fantastic price of £7.99 until 12th September (after which the price raises to £9.99).

Top 5 Most Overrated Game Series

After I recently read some news about GTA V, I decided to get back into a series I’ve not played in a long time. I went and bought GTA IV. While the game is a fairly good game, I don’t like a lot of the aspects of the game and I don’t think that the game would have sold half as well if it didn’t have the GTA name attached to it. Because of that, I decided to do this article, highlighting what I think are the most overrated game series.


Not as realistic as it claims.

Every year, another FIFA game is reeled out. Each game is only marginally different to the last. While drastic change obviously can’t happen, charging nearly £40 on release is beyond cheeky, especially when each yearly update doesn’t portray football properly (who’s seen a football match played at that speed, ever?), and FIFA street just seems like a way of milking loyal fans for everything their worth. Anyone who’s ever seen or played football should be able to tell that FIFA is not as realistic as it’s claimed, and that FIFA’s main selling point is the fact that it has licensed teams and stadiums.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Heading for Early 2012 UK Release

The UK will be one of the last regions to receive Final Fantasy XIII-2 as its scheduled to hit the shelves in “early” 2012.

This is later than Japan who will be getting the game in December 2011 and America who’ll be playing (and possibly getting bored) with Final Fantasy XIII-2 in January 2012.

“Early” 2012 is expected to only be a couple of weeks later than the American release though so perhaps we should expect Final Fantasy XIII-2 to hit the UK in February 2012. The exact date however it yet to be confirmed.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is set five years after its predecessor. Lightning has disappeared into an unknown world and its up to her sister Serah and a boy named Noel to find her.

Sounds like a doozy.


The Five WORST Final Fantasy Games

It’s no secret that Final Fantasy is one of my favourite game franchises. Hell, just check out the About Us section and I have Final Fantasy VII listed as my favourite game ever. It was FFVII (the first FF game I ever played incidentally) that directed me down the road of the RPG gamer that I have become. However I’m not so blind in my Final Fantasy fandom to deny that there’s been some clunkers in the series – because there has – especially amongst the more recent titles.

With that said here is my list of the worst Final Fantasy games so far up to Final Fantasy XIII.

There may be spoilers below so BE WARNED!

Note: I am only including the “mainline” titles in the Final Fantasy series, so no X-2, no Dirge of Cerberus, no Crystal Chronicles, and definitely no smegging MMORPGs.