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inFAMOUS Review (PS3)

A few weeks ago I did an article on playing the bad guy in a game, and my inability to play the bad way. This last week, however, that changed when my missus bought me a couple of games for our anniversary. One of the games she bought me was inFAMOUS, and it was amazing to see how easily I slipped into a evil gaming persona. Because of this, I decided to do a review of the game in question.

For anyone who doesn’t know, inFAMOUS is a sand box game developed by Sucker Punch for the PlayStation 3. It is a third-person action game where gamers take on the role of Cole MacGrath, a dude inadvertently turned into a superhero or supervillain, who starts the game as a courier in Empire city. While delivering a package, he gets caught in a massive explosion. After dusting himself off and getting to safety, our guy collapses, only to wake up with the ability to wield electricity. After the usual tutorial missions, you’re let free to do what you like, whether it’s completing story or side missions or hunting collectibles, in the form of “blast shards” and “dead drops”.

Sony Takes Sucker Punch

Hearing the words “Sony” and “Sucker Punch” might lead you to believe that the PSN has been hacked again. Not this time though because Sony have announced that they’ve acquired game developers Sucker Punch Productions.

Sucker Punch have spent over ten years working on PlayStation exclusive titles like InFamous and Sly Cooper and now they’re officially a member of the Sony franchise.

While there is no news yet regarding future Sucker Punch developed titles there may have been a clue when the studio signed former Halo designer Jamie Griesemer. Could we see a PlayStation exclusive FPS in the future?

For now we’ll have to wait and see.