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Microsoft’s One Consumer Games: A Bitter Pill to Swallow

Recently, I read a rumour that Microsoft are thinking of making their games a one shot use. Buy a game and only your console gets a go of it. Thinking of taking that game to your friends house? No good. You’d have to take the console. Had enough of a game? Trade it in? No good. You might as well bin it. Does it sound like Microsoft’s got consumers at the front of their thoughts? Yes…well, their wallets at least.

Having been a game consumer for many years, hearing something like this is quite disheartening. As a kid, I used to buy second hand games for my Super Nintendo from a guy with a small stall in the market. When I upgraded consoles, I still went to his stall. I eventually moved and although I haven’t seen the guy in years, I’d like to think that he’s still there, selling games on that little stall. In recent years, I haven’t bought many second hand games, although my missus picked up Undead Nightmare for me not too long ago from a games retailer who deals in second hand games. My eldest is always trading his games in so he can get the latest game. He gets his new game, the game shop makes their cut, and five other people get a game each at a cheaper price. Everyone wins. Except Microsoft, who think that they’re being hard done by.