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PSN Hackers Arrested – Update

To follow up on the news story of the arrest of the alleged PSN hackers it has since come to light that the three men arrested were NOT responsible for the hacking of the PlayStation Network.

Instead they are being charged with several “hack attacks” on Sony websites as well as on banks and even governments. Obviously these are serious charges and the three men can expect to serve some serious jail time if they are found guilty.

Anonymous responded to the arrest on Twitter by saying, “We are Legion, so EXPECT US,” the group said on its official Twitter feed.”. However it should be pointed out that Anonymous, by their very nature, are a leaderless organization so the validity of any statement by a member of Anonymous is hard to judge.

Still it would appear that the hacker community are serious as UK game publishers Codemasters were hacked on June 3rd. Codemasters have stated that no payment details have been compromised however users should change their passwords.

So far no group has come forward to claim responsibility for the hacking of Codemasters.

Alleged PSN Hackers Arrested

Today is a day that will live on in infamy (okay not really) as three people thought to be behind the recent PSN hacking have been caught and arrested today by Spanish police.

Details so far are sketchy but so far it has been revealed that the three people arrested were all Spanish men in their 30s. They are also alleged to be members of “Anonymous” a loosely grouped collective of cyber activists.

It’s alleged that the three men co-ordinated the attacks on PSN from a server set up in Gijon, Spain.

Source: Reuters