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Why Can’t I Be The Bad Guy?

While everyone had been looking forward to E3, I went the other way. I started looking back at some of my older games, mainly because there wasn’t anything at E3 that caught my attention. I kept trying to follow the expo, but nothing jumped out at me.

Good, evil, or beyond?

So I started to play Fallout 3 again, and last night I dug out Fable 2. I spent a while last night playing the blacksmithing mini-game, trying to scrape some money together to buy some property, which I didn’t really do on my first play-through. Tonight, I might try to make some more cash on Fable, then stick Fallout on for a bit. I’m not very far in, but I know what I’m going to do next. I’m going to detonate the bomb at Megaton, watch the explosion rip through the skyline, then I’ll reload the game. Because I can’t play the rest of the game with the mark against my name.

I don’t know why, but whenever I play a game where there’s the choice to play either as a good guy or a bad guy, I always seem to play as the good guy. I just don’t feel right about being bad. Whenever I can sense that a game is going to force me to make a choice, I have to save the game. My hard-drives are littered with forgotten save files, remnants of game story branches that I’ve “saved for later” but never gotten back to. Whenever I try to go down the bad guy route, I stick with it for a little bit, but it never seems right. I always resort back to being good. I can’t help myself. Even when I have the intention of doing a good play-through and a bad play-through, I do the good one first, then never get around to playing the evil way. Each play-through ends up the same way.

Hulk Hogan To Be In Saints Row…Brother

In news that will please all the Hulkamaniacs, THQ has announced that Hulk Hogan will lend his voice to Saints Row: The Third.

The former WWF/WWE superstar and current star of Impact Wrestling will play Angel De LaMuerte, a “legendary professional wrestler”. Angel will be the leader of a street gang of luchadores.

Hulk Hogan will be sharing the virtual stage with pornstar turned actress Sasha Grey who’ll play the role of Viola DeWynter. Fortunately for Ms. Grey she doesn’t look anything like Brooke Hogan so she should be safe.

This isn’t The Hulksters first foray into the videogame world as he is also set to star in his own game for the Xbox 360 – Hulk Hogan’s Main Event.