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Skyrim Update; Hearthfire Date Announced

Dawnguard; still no sign on PS3

Earlier today, Bethesda announced a release date for the next piece of Skyrim DLC. The new content is entitled Hearthfire, and is based around purchasing a piece of land and building your own house. The release date for the extra content is September 4th for Xbox Live for the cost of 400 Microsoft points, with no date for the PlayStation equivalent. While this content is Xbox exclusive for 30 days, enraged PS3 owners are still waiting for Dawnguard to appear, with no news of this forthcoming as of yet. To see some of the features of Hearthfire, why not watch Bethesda’s trailer…

New Skyrim Gameplay Footage

The following Skyrim footage was shot at Quakecon on August 5th.

Skip to the five minute mark to get to the actual gameplay footage.